Lab Members

Prof Philip Donoghue FRS (Professor of Palaeobiology)

Mr Matteo Battini (NERC Research Associate 2021)
Mr Alan Beavan (BBSRC PhD student 2017-)
Ms Emily Carlisle (UoB PhD student 2019-)
Mr Will Deakin (NERC PhD student 2019-)
Ms Madleen Grohganz (NERC PhD student 2020-)
Mr Richard Howard (Exeter NERC PhD student 2018-)
Ms Yuming Liu (CSC PhD student 2021-)
Dr Liang Lü (Hebei Normal University, 2021-2022)
Ms Eleonora Rossi (NERC PhD student 2019-)
Ms Weichen Sun (Visiting PhD student 2021-2022)
Mr Thomas Smith (NERC PhD student 2018-)
Mr Chris Stockey (Leicester NERC PhD student 2018-)
Ms Ruolin Wu (CSC PhD student 2021-)


PostDoc Alumni
Dr Humberto Ferron (Marie Curie IEF 2019-2021); now Research Fellow, Zaragoza, Spain
Dr Roberto Feuda (Royal Society University Research Fellow 2018-2023); now Lecturer, Dept Neuroscience, University of Leicester
Dr Cai Chenyang (Newton International Fellow 2018-2020); now Professor, NIGPAS, Nanjing, China
Dr Joseph O’Reilly (NERC Research Assistant 2017-2019); now PostDoc, University of Edinburgh
Dr Jenny Morris (NERC Research Assistant 2016-2018); now NERC, UKRI
Dr Mark Puttick (NERC Research Assistant 2016-2017); now Data Scientist, Office for Students, Bristol
Dr Tom Williams (Royal Society University Research Fellow 2015-2017); now Associate Professor, School Biol Sci, University of Bristol
Dr Kelly Vargas (Science without Frontiers Research Fellow 2015-17); now Case Builder, Police Service
Dr Alex Liu (NERC Independent Research Fellow 2014-2017); now Lecturer, Dept Earth Sci, University of Cambridge
Dr David Wacey (Marie Curie IEF 2014-2016); now ARC Future Fellow, University of Western Australia
Dr Raquel López-Antoñanzas (Marie Curie IEF 2014-2016); now CNRS Researcher, University of Montpellier, France
Dr Monique Welten (Marie Curie IEF 2014-2016)
Dr Bettina Schirrmeister (Marie Curie IEF 2014-2016), SNF Research Fellowship (2012-2013); now Data Scientist at the Post Office
Dr Kenneth DeBaets (SNF Research Fellowship 2012-2013); now Lecturer at the University of Warsaw, Poland
Dr Duncan Murdock (NERC Research Assistant 2012-2013); now Collections Manager, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Dr Carlos Martinez-Perez (Marie Curie IEF 2013-2015; Spanish Government Fellowship 2011-2013); now Professor at the University of Valencia, Spain
Dr Imran Rahman (NERC Research Fellow 2010-2013); now Research Leader at the Natural History Museum
Dr Jonathan Antcliffe (1851 Royal Commission Fellowship 2010-2013); now Researcher at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr David Jones (Marie Curie IIF 2009-2012); now at the Institute of Physics, Bristol
Dr Martin Rücklin (NERC Research Assistant 2009-2012; Marie Curie IEF 2008-2010); now Group Leader at Naturalis, Leiden, Netherlands
Dr James Tarver (Marie Curie IOF 2009-2012; NERC Research Assistant 2009); now at Portfolio Manager at EPSRC, UKRI
Dr Neil Gostling (NERC Research Assistant 2005-2008); now Lecturer, University of Southampton
Dr John Cunningham (NERC Research Fellow 2012-2017; NERC Research Assistant 2003-2004, 2008-2011, 2011-2012). Now Lecturer, School Earth Sciences, University of Bristol

PhD Alumni
Dr Arsham Nejad Kourki (Self; 2021); now Philosophy PhD, University of Cambridge
Dr Emma Landon (NERC 2021)
Dr Holly Betts (NERC: 2019); now Data Analyst at the Office for Students, Bristol
Dr Frances Dunn (NERC: 2019); now Research Fellow at Merton College, Oxford University
Dr James Clark (BBSRC: 2018); now PostDoc at University of Bristol, UK
Dr Joseph O’Reilly (NERC: 2017); now PostDoc in epidemiology, University of Edinburgh
Dr Richard Taylor (EPSRC: 2017); now PostDoc at University of Edinburgh
Dr Jennifer Hill (Self: 2018); now Research Technician at the Smithsonian Institution, USA
Dr Joseph Keating (NERC: 2018); now PostDoc at the University of Bristol
Dr Anthony Hancy (NERC: 2018); now in Science Publishing
Dr Rachel Warnock (NERC: 2014); now Lecturer at Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany
Dr Fleur Noailles (Self: 2013); now PostDoc at the University of Cork, Ireland
Dr Duncan Murdock (NERC: 2012); Curator, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Dr Jennifer Greenwood (UoB: 2013); now Field Ecologist at Avon Wildlife Trust
Dr Gai Zhi-kun (Royal Society: 2011); now Researcher at IVPP, Beijing, China
Dr Ceri Thomas (NERC: 2011); now Senior Portfolio Manager at BBSRC, UKRI
Dr James Tarver (NERC: 2009); now Portfolio Manager at EPSRC, UKRI
Dr Graeme Lloyd (NERC: 2008); now Academic Fellow, University of Leeds
Dr Robert Sansom (NERC 2008); Senior Lecturer, Dept Earth Env Sci, University of Manchester
Dr Rosie Dhanda (Bham: 2008); now Hairdresser and Makeup Artist
Dr David Jones (NERC: 2006); now Publishing Editor at the Institute for Physics, Bristol
Dr Jason Downs (Yale: 2005); now Lecturer at Delware Valley University
Dr Colin Barras (NERC: 2005); now Science writer and editor
Dr Linda Wickström (Bham: 2005); now at Swedish Geological Survey, Sweden